Sunday, October 21, 2012

What do you mean "us", Rep. Harman?

On NPR today, Guy Raz asks Stephen Walt, Richard Perle, and Jane Harman, "What can the next president realistically do on the Israel-Palestine front? What do you think they can do and should do?" Former Rep. Harman's response, beginning at time 7:25 on the recording (my emphasis added):
I think there's an urgency to resolving this problem. I think there's an urgency for Israel, there's an urgency for Palestine, there's an urgency for us, and frankly, as the clock ticks, the ability to protect Israel as a Jewish state declines because of the huge youth bulge in the Arab populations. It's unsustainable. And I have been disappointed, frankly, in our administration, and in the governments of both sides in the region in not making this a higher priority. ... Israel's survival as a Jewish state is very dicey if this doesn't happen.
I thought the official line is that America protects Israel because Israel is a democracy. If demographic changes in Israel are expected to lead to its citizens choosing democratically to end its status as a Jewish state, why should Americans try to stop that?